Why ABC Planet

Learn to read at the age of 3.
Exactly like our millions of learners.

Interactive Fun

Children learn to read by

petting the letters

100% Safe

Offline gameplay experience

with parental controls

Multiple Languages

New language packs are 

added regularly

Why children struggle to learn the alphabet?

Major reason why preschoolers struggle to learn English alphabet is because there are 26+26 totally new shapes each having distinct names and phonics.

  • There are too many of them
  • They look alike
  • They sound alike
  • Letters are boring
There are too many of themThey look alikeThey sound alikeLetters are boring

How did we reimagine alphabet learning?

Children learn from cartoons because they love them. There is no need to teach a child about SpongeBob or to explain repeatedly how he sounds like. Simply because SpongeBob himself does it all.

So... we took away a teacher and let letters introduce themselves.

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