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Children learn from cartoons because they love them. There is no need to teach about RoadRunner or to explain repeatedly how he sounds like because RoadRunner himself does it all. With the same logic, on our YouTube channel we presented letters, numbers, shapes and colors as cartoon characters and let them introduce themselves.

Now with our all-in-one preschool app we go further and let children interact with their favorite characters in thousands of educational games and activities.

How our app helps children develop new skills everyday

  • Develop science knowledge and executive functioning.
  • Relate math skills to everyday life.
  • Personalize content based on a student’s ability and level.
  • Set goals and keep track of progress more easily.
  • Gamify learning through awarding ABC Planet badges.
  • Connect educators and parents in support of students.

We want to set universal preschool education benchmarks to deliver research-based comprehensive curriculum by today’s standards. It requires expanding the boundaries of early learning through technology (e.g. mobile devices, AR/VR) and gamification of early education topics/subjects.

ABC Planet is the pioneer of the concept of Remote Preschooling to ensure continuity of learning in the event of a prolonged school closure or student conditions (e.g. disability, injury, regional or cultural handicaps).

What We Teach

Major preschool topics we are covering

ABC Planet letters and phonics
Letters and Phonics

abc planet gluing

abc planet sorting objects
Sorting Objects

ABC Planet numbers
Basic Math

abc planet cutting

abc planet drawing

ABC Planet Shapes

abc planet coloring


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ABC Planet

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ABC Planet is established as a YouTube channel in 2016 to create educational cartoons for preschoolers while the founders were struggling to find healthy educational content for their own preschoolers at home. Within a short period ABC Planet became favorite education channel for millions of families.